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   Well appointed the Aravali hills of Rajasthan, the 18th century Devi Garh Fort Palace, in the village of Delwara commands one the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. Sajja Singh, who hailed from the neighboring state of Gujarat, was awarded this strategically significant principality, in recognition of his bravery and loyalty to Maharana Pratap against the Mughal emperor Akbar, at the battle of Haldighati (1576). The actual construction of the fort palace started only in the 1760s, under Raghudev Singh II, with further additions being made to the structure by the rulers who followed. The palace was absorbed into the state of Rajasthan in the 1960s, and was subsequently abandoned.
All of the 39 suites at Devi Garh are unique; luxurious and beautiful, yet equipped with the most modern facilities to make a guest feel totally at home. The premium suite, called Devi Garh suite, has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, of its own. Each suite is embellished with marble and semi-precious stones, while the public spaces are designed around different metals. Eight tents are also available on request from October to March. Each suite at Devi Garh is a compact accommodation unit in itself, offering :



A verity of treatments are available through our in-house therapists from Kerala.

The health club at Devi Garh is located at the pool complex and consists of a gymnasium, treadmill, steam and sauna facilities for men and women, and an open-air jaccuzzi. It is open from 0700 hrs to 1900hrs

Mats are available for use in the Gymnasium and classes can also be booked with prior notice, which will be held at a more special location, depending upon the weather.

Is located at the pool complex level and offers a range of treatments and is open 0730 hrs to 1930 hrs.

The Swimming pool is located at the reception level and is heated during the winter season. It is open for use from 0730 hrs to 1900 hrs

Away from the city, the scenic beauty of this area is enjoyed best at leisure and a lazy bicycle ride is recommended to those who like to spend their time with nature. Bicycles and pads are available through the reception.

The charm of Rajasthan can be experienced first hand with a camel or horse safari through the village and into the Aravali hills. Camel safari and horse rides can be arranged on one day prior request with the reception.

Aravali hills are one of the oldest in the Indian peninsula and trekking on them can be an unforgettable experience altogether. One of the famous and religious temple known locally as the Rashtrasena Mata temple, which is 500 ft feet high can be covered by trekking in two hours. Once at the summit the breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys make this trek well worth the effort.

Soar high in the sky with the kites and enjoy this traditional Indian sport from our roof terrace. Kites are available through the reception.

Overlooking the beautiful Kamal (lotus) courtyard the pool room is situated next to the Durbar hall.

Situated on the green lawns at the entrance to the palace this can be an interesting means of entertainment without much excursion. Playing equipment is available through the reception.

A wide range of indoor entertainment means to keep one happily occupied in the comfort of your room. To mention a few we have various games like Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Pictionary available in the library.

Our library offers a range of Books, CD’s, DVD’s and games. We have a special section for children aimed at keeping them occupied.

Situated right on the drive in pathway, our shop offers an array of traditional and contemporary handicrafts along with a whole range of textiles and apparels.


...Still in close proximity...
     The Devi Garh, away from the stress of the city, is a perfect place to optimize your well-being. We soothe your body, stimulate your mind and strengthen your spirit. Combined with the gymnasium, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, and beauty parlour, we offer something more profound: complete Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian form of Holistic medicine, which has been handed down over the centuries by ancient physicians. This gentle science, using natural remedies has evolved a system of complete healthcare. Our therapists use medicated oils and herbal pastes for different therapies- ranging from relaxing massages to complex treatments. For the renewal of your energies, one needs an environment of total harmony to reach inner peace. The calming effects of our white rooms is further enhanced by experiencing Yoga (control on the body, breath and mind) and Dhyana (meditation) on the ramparts of the Palace, at the time of sunrise. Throughout your stay healing powers of the enveloping silence is broken occasionally by the sounds of running water in the courtyards. Make your holiday a complete one. Leave rejuvenated and refreshed; with your individual self in harmony with the universal self.

For further information please contact:

Devi Garh
Devi Garh. Village Delwara,
Tehsil Nathdwara,
District Rajsamand,
Rajasthan, India



     The food at Devi Garh is an integral part of the entire experience, and we aim to provide authentic home cooked flavors, using only the freshest ingredients available. Our multi – cuisine restaurant offers both Indian and International Cuisines. We also have a well stocked bar where an eclectic mix of drinks such as spirits stirred with pomegranate juice or jasmine syrup are available along side more familiar favorites. Our marble table - tops with inlays of semi precious stones in the form of various indoor games only adds to the fun. Along with the Restaurant and the In-room dining in the privacy of the suite, we also have special venues for exclusive dining, from intimate spaces under the stars with wide array of flowers or candles flickering in mirrored walls, to the gentle sound of flowing water or a view of the mountain peaks lit by the moon. Live Jal Tarang and Flute recital in the background makes it an even more unforgettable experienc. .


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